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Multi-Pitch Climbing

Book your Multi-Pitch Climbing lesson today... and bring your climbing to new heights!

 Multi-Pitching  $32500

If you have lots of experience climbing single pitch are comfortable leading with sport or trad and you would like to take it higher on multi-pitch climbs, we can teach you how set-up multi-pitch anchors, do top up belays, and transition at your belay station.

2hr lesson in the gym and 6hr lesson taught in Squamish.
Prerequisites: Lead Climbing/Belay & Anchor Building as well as Single Pitch Sport and/or Trad Leading experience.

Skills Learned

  • Multi-Pitch Anchor Building
  • Assessing & Managing risk
  • Top Up Belay
  • Managing Rope at Belay Station
  • Belay Station Transitions

 Escaping Route  $7500

When you go multi-pitch climbing, remember, things don't always go as planned. Many unpredictable things can happen that forces you to retreat, such as:
 * Bad Weather
 * Run Out of Day Light
 * Illness
 * Injuries
 * Route is Too Difficult

When the time comes to make the decision to retreat, it's important to know how to escape the route safely.
Add this lesson to your Multi-Pitch lesson and reduce the chances of you having to call for rescue.

Skills Learned

  • Single and Double Rope Escape
  • Assessing & Managing risk
  • Clearing Stations
  • Single & Tandem Rappels
  • Pulling Rope

 Rappelling  $5000

If you do not already know how to rappel and use an approved back up system, then you can add Rappelling to your lesson. It's one of the basic outdoor skills you will certainly need to know. Adding our Rappelling course will increase your you gym lesson time by 1hr.

Add 1hr to lesson time in Gym.

Skills Learned

  • Rappelling concepts
  • Risk Assessment
  • Back Ups
  • Rappelling Technique
  • Pulling Rope

 Advanced Skills  $5000

Climbing a multi-pitch route can take a few short hours or it can take days. Many of the Squamish classics can be done in 5-7hrs, but for novices, it can take up to 14hrs. Most people are aware that novice climbers are slower than experienced climbers. Most novice climbers are unaware that the area where they used up a lot of time is at each belay station.

A novice climber will waste an average of 10 minutes setting up, transitioning and cleaning belay stations on each pitch. On a 17 pitch climb, that adds up to nearly 3 extra hours on the wall... and for some people, even longer.
We will show you have to be more efficient and save hours out of your day.

2hr lesson in the gym.

Skills Learned

  • Efficient Racking
  • Efficient Anchor Building
  • Efficient Transitioning at the Belay
  • Efficient Anchor Cleaning