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Basic Anchor Building

Book your Anchor Building lesson today... and be safe outdoor climbing!

 Top Rope Anchors  $19900

If you are going to take your climbing outside, learn how to build anchors properly. Don't rely on your friend that 'knows' what he is doing. You can't buddy check the anchor if you don't know how it's supposed to be. Most people learn unsafe anchor building from other friends or from the internet. We teach the highest and safest standards set by the ACMG.
Basic Anchors teaches you how to build the safest anchor on existing bolts and large healthy trees.

1hr in the gym plus 4hrs in Squamish

Skills Learned

  • Understanding Anchors
  • Cliffside Safety
  • Bolt Assessment
  • Provide Equipment List
  • Anchor Construction
  • Anchor Extensions
  • Cleaning Anchors

 Tree Anchors

When ever possible it best to build your anchors on existing bolts. The use of trees for anchors is often dangerous and can have unpredictable and catastrophic results. Assessing trees is a skill in it's self and we do not teach trees assessment.

When the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish was being developed, most of the climbs had trees at the top that were used for anchors. Almost all the trees are gone from the cliff tops and not because of aesthetics.
It is highly recommended that if you plan to use tree anchors that you get proper instruction how to access trees from a qualified person.


One of the basic outdoor skills you will certainly need with your anchor course is how to rappel safely. Our Anchors building courses include rappelling.

1hr Lesson.

Skills Learned

  • Rappelling concepts
  • Risk Assessment
  • Back Ups
  • Rappelling Technique
  • Pulling Rope

 Multi-Pitch Anchors  $29900

If you have lots of experience climbing single pitch and are comfortable leading with sport or trad and you would like to take it higher, we can show you how set-up, use and transition at your belay station.

2hr lesson in the gym and 6hr lesson taught in Squamish.

Skills Learned

  • Multi-Pitch Anchor Building
  • Assessing & Managing risk
  • Top Up Belay
  • Managing Rope at Belay Station
  • Efficient Transitions
  • Escaping Route