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 Advanced Courses

It only takes is 3 hours to change how you lead climb... that's it!
Are you nervous on lead or have a hard time committing to big moves? Do certain wall angles scare you or are fearful of a big lead fall? We can help!
We will give you the knowledge and skills to make smart choices on the wall and have confidence leading on any climb.

Take our Advanced Lead lesson and we will change the way climb!

 Competition Lead  $19900

The Advanced Lead course is highly recommended for Competition Lead Climbers, 13yrs - Adult.
You will become a more confident lead climber in competitions while making smarter, strategic choices on the wall.

2 x 3hr lessons

Skills Learned:

  • Risk assessment in comps
  • How to control your fall
  • Comp clipping strategies
  • Set and commit to your intentions
  • Breathing technique
  • Efficient leading in comps

 Fear of Falling  $7500

If you have a fear of falling, whether on top rope or lead, we can help!
Fear is a very powerful emotion that can paralyze even the strongest climbers. Fear affects everyone, although most will never admit it, and can stop you from achieving you goals or even just from enjoying climbing.

We will break it down and teach you how to recognize when it is affecting you, but also how to manage and control fear so you can get you best performance climbing.

2 hr lesson

Skills Learned:

  • Risk assessment
  • Breath control
  • Anxiety Awareness and control
  • How to control your fall
  • When to push through moves
  • Climb with confidence

 Basic Lead Climbing

If you don't know how to lead climb or belay yet, then take our basic lead course first. It will teach you all the basics of lead climbing and belaying and open up more climbing terrain.
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