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 Program Details

Adult Night is a fun relaxed program that offers any adult, with or without experience, a fun night of climbing. You DO NOT have to be in shape to climb, you just need to want to have fun. We have coaches on the floor spot coaching anyone that wants some tips.

Adult Night Rate: $2200

Includes Rental Equipment, Instruction & Coaching
Price does not include GST.

 Gri-Gri Training

If you do not already know how to belay, then (Time permitting) our staff will get you belaying quickly and safely using the Gri-Gri belay device. Our Gri-Gri instruction is not a full belay course and you will only be permitted to belay with supervision, but it will get you climbing and belaying safely.

If you would like a full course in belaying, book a Belay Lesson with one of our certified instructors.

First-Timers to Adult Night should pre-book.

 Competitive Teams

Yes, there is a competitive side to climbing. We have had several Rock Wall Team members compete all over the world for Team Canada. Ask us how you can get involved in competitive sport climbing.

Cross Training
Rock Climbing is a great way to cross-train for many other sports. Climbing works on core, forearm, shoulders and grip strength as well as balance and body awareness. Want your team to be stronger at their sport; have them climb regularly and you will see results.

 Sport Can Model

Adult Night is a fun climbing program for adults that complies with the Canada Sport for Life Fitness Model. At this stage, adults will have a chance to discover and develop skills in the sport of climbing. If you would like to take it to the next level, ask us about our Competitive Training Programs where you can develop a higher level of understanding of movement and awareness on the wall and get one step closer to competitions.